Stratford Plantation 10/01/2005
Peter Beers

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DSC_4211_Mike DSC_4212_Mike DSC_4213_Mike DSC_4214_Mike DSC_4215_Mike
DSC_4211_Mike.jpg         DSC_4212_Mike.jpg         DSC_4213_Mike.jpg         DSC_4214_Mike.jpg         DSC_4215_Mike.jpg        
DSC_4216_Mike DSC_4246_VR6_Jetta DSC_4247_VR6_Jetta DSC_4248_VR6_Jetta DSC_4316_Corrado
DSC_4216_Mike.jpg         DSC_4246_VR6_Jetta.jpg         DSC_4247_VR6_Jetta.jpg         DSC_4248_VR6_Jetta.jpg         DSC_4316_Corrado.jpg        
DSC_4326 DSC_4338_Mike DSC_4367 DSC_4369 DSC_4371
DSC_4326.jpg         DSC_4338_Mike.jpg         DSC_4367.jpg         DSC_4369.jpg         DSC_4371.jpg        

In April of 2004, NOPI held a race at Virginia Motorsports Park in Petersberg, VA. My friend Paul and I went down to shoot over the weekend.