Mid Atlantic Mega Meet
Peter Beers

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The first Mid Atlantic Mega Meet of 2006 was bigger than any I've seen yet. The main lot was fully before the scheduled start at 7:30pm and 3-400 more cars were forced to park in the overflow lot 1/3 of a mile away. The cars up there were just as impressive as the ones in the main lot.

Many thanks to the sponsors and all those that contributed to another successful Mega Meet. See you next month!

IMG_8220 IMG_8222 IMG_8224 IMG_8225 IMG_8226
IMG_8220.jpg         IMG_8222.jpg         IMG_8224.jpg         IMG_8225.jpg         IMG_8226.jpg        
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IMG_8227.jpg         IMG_8228.jpg         IMG_8230.jpg         IMG_8231.jpg         IMG_8232.jpg        
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IMG_8233.jpg         IMG_8234.jpg         IMG_8235.jpg         IMG_8236.jpg         IMG_8237.jpg        
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