Allen Lambe House, Wichita, KS

Wichita has two wonderful examples of Frank Lloyd Wright's work from two very different stages in his career.  The Allen Lambe house is the last of Wright's Prairie homes, designed and built in 1918.  It was built for Henry Allen, Governor of the state of Kansas from 1919-23.  The second owner made extensive changes to the house, including a '70s vintage kitchen that is costing more than $60,000 for the restoration architect to remove.  It is currently owned by the Allen-Lambe House Association.  I've watched the restoration project progress over the last 4 years.  Every time I visit the home seems to have transformed back into something that Wright would be proud of. 

Black and White gives a somewhat nostalgic view of the home.

The garden house was converted to a studio and office.

The garden and pool are beautiful later in the Spring.  I was a little too early for that.

This gives a better view of how HUGE this home really is. 

Me and mom hanging out at the Allen Lambe house.  I look like I'm coming off an all night Krispy Kream Donut binge... but its a good pic of me and mom, so I tossed it in. :)

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