Frank Lloyd Wright in New York

New York is home to some of the most significant Frank Lloyd Wright buildings.  Probably best known is the Guggenheim Museum.  Though no less significant is the Usonian community of Pleasantville, North of New York City. 


Frank Lloyd Wright’s roots are evident in the beautiful Prairie homes that he built in Buffalo.  There are some wonderful estates and homes that are built in the NYC area and on Long Island. 


Many historically significant parts of Wright’s life are linked to New York.  In his early career, when times were tough, he relied on the financial assistance and friendship of Darwin Martin to keep him going.  At the end of his life, much of his effort was put into completion of the Guggenheim Museum, which he never saw to completion. 




Date Built

Darwin D. Martin House:    Updated 08/10/03



Barton House:    Updated 08/10/03 Buffalo 1903
Larkin Building:    Updated 08/10/03 Buffalo 1903
Davidson House:    Updated 08/10/03 Buffalo 1908
Heath House:    Updated 08/10/03 Buffalo 1904
Isabel Martin House, "Graycliff":    Updated 08/10/03 Derby 1927
Boynton House New 08/10/03 Rochester 1908
Isabel Martin House Garage New 08/10/03 Derby 1927

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