Suntop Homes
Peter Beers

Suntop Homes: Ardmore, Pennsylvania 1938

Ardmore is a small town that has become a suburb of Philadelphia. It is a unique building that can best be described as a quad-plex. There are 4 homes that share walls. Their design is rather unique because they give an element of privacy to each of the individual occupants. Meryle Secrest describes the concept well in her biography of Frank Lloyd Wright:

...the real triumph was the way Wright had fitted together his asymmetrical design so that no front door was beside any other, each dwelling had cross-ventilation, and rooms gave onto completely private gardens.

She goes on to describe how this design was originally done for Wright's Broadacre City project. Wright had originally thought that he'd won a government contract to build them in Pittsfield, Massachusetts.

IMG_8298 IMG_8300 IMG_8301 IMG_8302 IMG_8303
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