Wright Homes in Lake Delevan, Wisconsin

Unfortunately you won't see any pictures of these homes.  Laura and I drove to Lake Delevan when we were in Madison in the Summer of 2002.  I really wanted to see one of Wright's first groupings of homes outside of Illinois.  It was even more impressive since they are all lake front properties.  Sounds really great, right?

As with many Wright homes, privacy was a major consideration when these homes were designed.  The way the community is laid out, the driveways are narrow and long and the woods are quite thick between the main road and the house.  For that reason, the homes are not visible from the street.  Now and then I'll poke my nose down a driveway to see if its worth looking into.  It was obvious that I'd have to poke a lot more than my nose down these driveways before I ever got a glimpse of these houses.

The good news is that the house numbers were not changed at all.  The numbers in my guide corresponded to the numbers on the mail boxes.  Maybe I'll send a card before we leave next time and see if I can get an invitation.  Stranger things have happened.

Maybe next year we'll bring a sea kayak or two. :)

The homes we didn't see in Lake Delevan, Wisconsin:

Wallis-Goodsmith House and boat house.  1897

George W. Spenser house.  1902

Charles S. Ross house.  1902

Fred B. Jones House. 1902

A.P. Johnson House.  1905

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