Mountain Bike Road Trips

My fat arse

At least once per year I take a big road trip with my mountain bike.  This usually leads to some pretty interesting photographs.   You'll see my road trips listed as links on the left margin of this page.  You'll also find some great individual photos on this page.  

Julian doing his mountain bike lumber-jack thang.

Ara Was jealous of Julian's pics.

Now I have to make Julian jealous that he missed this ride...

On the left menu are a few of the more recent trips that I've made.  Hopefully I'll get some "oldy but goody" trips up there for you to enjoy.

Enjoy some local photos of my riding partners.

Ara hopping log

Julian hopping log.

Someone has bad aim with a camera, but this is me hopping logs. 

Brian racing in Missouri.  LOOK UP! You might hit a tree!

See more of Julian on the page devoted to him and his riding exploits.  Please click HERE to jump to Julian's page.  Like we've said many times before, Its all about Julian!!!

Me and Ara goofing.

Okay... One of our favorite places to ride is Fountainhead park.  One of the things I like best is the trail sign.  What's up with this????  The trail sign points in both directions.  At least you can't take a wrong turn.  Even Julian could figure this one out. :)

My favorite sign at Fountainhead.

Ara and Julian in proclaiming victory over something.

Okay, if Julian were writing this caption, he would say that he's going so fast that the camera not only can't focus on him, but it also can't focus on the trail, rocks, roots or trees.  That's his story and he's sticking to it.

On Saturday we went to Fairland Park in Maryland.  The trails pretty much sucked.  It was a NASTY hot day and we needed to cool off.  Luckily there was water.  Julian and Ara really hadn't played in water very much with the mountain bikes.  Soooo we goofed off for almost an hour in the stream.

Julian's butt.

Ara deftly navigating the stream.

Julian doing the same in the same spot.. only faster.

Ara doesn't realize he's about to hit a HUGE mud bog.

Drying off after playing in the water.

USPS team appreciation day after last year's Tour de France was in Washington, DC.  I rode my bike and got to meet George Hincapie.  Very cool!  Yup.  His head really looks like that. 

Name Dropping!!!  Me and George Hincapie

Children of the Corn

Following Julian Through the Corn

One of our favorite rides in Maryland has a section through corn fields.  This time of year that means riding through very tall corn.  It is very fun to follow a friend through the corn on a trail that swoops in and out.  At some parts of the trail, they disappear around the corner and then reappear as you follow them around.  Its the kind of surreal experience that can't be well described in words or photos.  What I've taken here is as close as I can get without having a hands-free helmet cam.

Rest Stop in HELL!

I looked down and noticed the ride mileage...