Falls Church Snow Ride
Peter Beers

Chris and I took a ride around my neighborhood on a day that it wasn't possible to really ride anywhere else. We had 10-12" of snow on the ground and it was just too much fun to ignore. The first 6 photos are by Chris. The last 7 are mine.

IMG_1680 IMG_1681 IMG_1682 IMG_1688 IMG_1692
IMG_1680.jpg         IMG_1681.jpg         IMG_1682.jpg         IMG_1688.jpg         IMG_1692.jpg        
IMG_1695 IMG_1696 IMG_7488 IMG_7501 IMG_7502
IMG_1695.jpg         IMG_1696.jpg         IMG_7488.jpg         IMG_7501.jpg         IMG_7502.jpg        
IMG_7506 IMG_7508 IMG_7509 IMG_7511 IMG_7513
IMG_7506.jpg         IMG_7508.jpg         IMG_7509.jpg         IMG_7511.jpg         IMG_7513.jpg