Bike Lane ride at Gambrill State Park
Peter Beers

The Bike Lane Ride at Gambrill State Park

Frederick, Maryland

Gambrill is a place that I've loved and hated over the years. After a particularly nasty ride with my friend Darryl about 13 years ago, I took a little break from riding Gambrill. Today I went back to gambrill since 1993. The ride was wonderful in every conceivable way. I've been leading rides for MORE and The Bike Lane for a while. This was a neat opportunity to go somewhere with some friends and ride some rocks.

Though I did all the logistical setup and arrangements, Grumpy J actually led the ride for the day. He happily lead us on a killer loop that I'm sure we'll be back doing again soon.

There are actually a few photos of me in the group today. Grumpy took the camera from me and snapped a few. As usual, my mouth is wide open and I've got a gomer look on my face. Oh well. At least my tongue isn't hanging out.

Last but not least, I included a few animated gifs. They're pretty big files, so be patient while they load. I'll shrink them down if I start bleeding bandwidth too much.

Basic map of Gambrill State Park.

Recent Rides at Gambrill



Rob Riding some Rocks

IMG_7959 IMG_7965 IMG_7968 IMG_7971 IMG_8010
IMG_7959.jpg         IMG_7965.jpg         IMG_7968.jpg         IMG_7971.jpg         IMG_8010.jpg        
IMG_8021 IMG_8030 IMG_8041 IMG_8042 IMG_8050
IMG_8021.jpg         IMG_8030.jpg         IMG_8041.jpg         IMG_8042.jpg         IMG_8050.jpg        
IMG_8062 IMG_8071 IMG_8072    
IMG_8062.jpg         IMG_8071.jpg         IMG_8072.jpg        


Grumpy J doing what he does best... bouncing through the rough stuff.