495 Jumps
Peter Beers

The formerly outlawed and now semi-legal jumps are definitely a great place to photograph. Steve and Chris graciously allowed me to photograph them on their first trip there. The jumps you see here are the table tops that are the beginners jumps.

IMG_9352 IMG_9369 IMG_9375 IMG_9384 IMG_9385
IMG_9352.jpg         IMG_9369.jpg         IMG_9375.jpg         IMG_9384.jpg         IMG_9385.jpg        
IMG_9404 IMG_9416 IMG_9417 IMG_9421 IMG_9431
IMG_9404.jpg         IMG_9416.jpg         IMG_9417.jpg         IMG_9421.jpg         IMG_9431.jpg        
IMG_9432 IMG_9440 IMG_9458 IMG_9459 IMG_9465
IMG_9432.jpg         IMG_9440.jpg         IMG_9458.jpg         IMG_9459.jpg         IMG_9465.jpg        
IMG_9468 IMG_9469 IMG_9472 IMG_9489 IMG_9494
IMG_9468.jpg         IMG_9469.jpg         IMG_9472.jpg         IMG_9489.jpg         IMG_9494.jpg        

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