Mountain Biking in Fruita: April 2006

This year's trip was a little different than those of the past. The group was much bigger. In years past it has just been 1 or 2 of us. This trip had 6 of us. We rented Casa Fruita and it was fun to do the group thing for a change.

My goal this year was to ride a lot more and walk over fewer obstacles. I succeeded in that. I also crashed hard on day 4 and ended up cutting my trip short. Oh well. That stuff happens.

Day 1: Jason and I rode the Apex trail in Denver. Karrie and my mom had a great time running playing tourist.

Day 2: We drove from Denver to Fruita with the whole group. We did some touristing and a little riding at the Kokopelli trails. I didn't snap any riding photos. Eventually I'll get some photos of the drive out up on the web site.

Day 3: This was the first serious ride in Fruita. Chris, Denis, Jason and I rode the trails at Book Cliffs.

Day 4: The Lunch Loops in Grand Junction were great! I had fun on the Pete-E-Kes trail. Great ride.

Day 5: We hit the Kokopelli Trails pretty hard. I was hurting bigtime, but got a good ride in anyways.





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