Great Falls and Riverbend Parks: Great Falls, Virginia


A pretty good group of us decided to brave the iffy weather for the day and get some riding in at Great Falls and Riverbend parks. The weather geek had predicted snow both the night before and the day of the ride. Fortunatley that all missed us and it turned out to be a beautiful day. It was even warm out.

Dominic, Happy Julian, David, Bob, Barbara, Denis, Chris, Drew, Craig, Grumpy Jason and Pat

I added to the map. Today's route is in Yellow. A few of us showed up early and did a pre-ride. When combined with all the other riding, the total distance turned out to be about 18 miles.

Chris showing us how to ride the stairs

David showing his skills

Drew demonstrating how he can hold a nose wheelie for at least 30 seconds.

The amazing redwood cell tower


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