Lake Accotink Park and Wakefield Park: Fairfax, Virginia

These two parks are linked to each other, so I include them on the same page. These two parks are also pretty darn familiar to almost every mountain biker in Northern Virginia because they are probably the two closest sources of singletrack to to home for many of us. Wakefield is also the only park in Northern Virginia where night riding is allowed on a regular basis. Night Rides are lead there three nights per week almost year round. These trails get some of the highest amount of traffic -- both pedestrian and mountain bikers -- in the area. They still manage to hold up pretty well most of the time. As I type this, I'm thinking that the trails are in great shape at the moment -- and that is only because they are frozen solid. We've had a few floods through the area and some of the trails at Wakefield are completely saturated and will be muddy as heck if and when they ever thaw. Barring an ice age in the next week or two, we're going to have a lot of work to do to get these trails back to their normal, buff state.

Some Recent rides at Accotink and Wakefield:



The altitude profile at the bottom is for the loop through Accotink. I know there's a lot of information on that map and it isn't the easiest to read. Trust me that it is a fairly accurate representation of what the trails look like.

This is a little closer shot of the map. I also put the Wakefield climbing profile in this time just for grins. You can see there are a few good climbs in there.

Another useless map. This has the new trails in it at Wakefield. I lost signal for about 3 miles in the middle of Accotink. You can see that in the straight line across the map.


Miscellanious Photos of Wakefield and Accotink

Jason at Accotink

Night ride at Wakefield

The ghost of Jason riding at Wakefield

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