Elizabeth Furnace and Tower

July 7, 2005


We rode Elizabeth Furnace this Saturday. Daaaaaavid wanted to get an early start, so we hit the trails at 8:15am. We did the regular lap on EF, dropped off those that needed to head home early, then went out to explore. The EF lap was pretty dang fast. We did the whole lap in about 2:30. That is almost 30 minutes faster than usual. The climbs were great. Rick flatted, then managed to catch us at the top with a minimal wait. The rocks were GLORIOUS and no-one really had any problems to speak of.

Chris Launching

The second lap was fun and brutal. Chris got to spend some quality time with a grouse. That bird was in love with him. I kept expecting to turn around and see it standing on his shoulder or something. He and rick peeled off at the top of Mudhole gap the second time.

We climbed to the lookout tower across from Massanutten mountain, snapped a few photos and headed for home. The last climb to the tower pretty much killed me. I bonked hard and slow-cranked it up the hill.

Here's a map of the ride. Click HERE for a larger image.