Elizabeth Furnace Ride 10/02/2005
Peter Beers

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I_MG_5126.jpg         I_MG_5150.jpg         I_MG_5163.jpg         I_MG_5171.jpg         I_MG_5186.jpg        
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I_MG_5194.jpg         I_MG_5201.jpg         I_MG_5206.jpg         I_MG_5209.jpg        

I finally took time to do a little tougher ride than the spins at Wakefield and Accotink. It was fun to get out with Chris, Barbara and the gang for a ride at Elizabeth Furnace. I hauled the camera with me and managed to snap photos of the whole crew and a pair of hikers who we met on the trails.

Oh yeah. I drove from Falls Church to Front Royal next to Thomas Magnum. That's the first photo in the bunch.

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