Black Hills Regional Park, Hoyles Mill Connector and Schaeffer Farms: Germantown, Maryland

March 19, 2005

Someone said "Wouldn't it be cool if you could ride from Black Hills to Schaeffer?" From there on out, it was one of those "If you build it, they will come" sort of things. They built it. We came. The ride was beautiful and challenging. Enjoy.

Someone gave me a beer. Don't ask me where that fits into this story... I just thought I'd post that.

Welcome to Black Hills Regional Pa

David and Denis

The handshake of International Friendship. I believe a trade agreement was just struck between the US and France. David got a nectarine, Denis got a clif bar.

Denis at the Cabin Branch Trailhead in Black Hills

Chris, Jason, David and Denis overlooking the reservoir at Black Hills. We're just getting ready to hit the connector and head for Schaeffer.

Our little band of misfits at the start of the singletrack for the connector.

Chris riding the creek

David riding it too.

Jason tried a different line. It worked.

Denis also made his own trail. I just followed Jason.

Chris likes logs.

Logs like Chris

The man is fully airborn.


Welcome to Schaeffer Farms

Taking a breather at Schaeffer

On the red loop at Schaeffer.




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