Hoyles Mill Connector

June 30, 2005

Jason and I take a mellow ride.


I had an afternoon with a bit of spare time during the week, so for once I got off my behind and headed North to Jason's neck of the woods for a mid-week ride. We started from Grumpy J's house and headed out through Black Hill Regional Park to the Connector. Today was pretty hot and humid. It was at least 85 degrees out with humidity in the 90% range. I think we chose this ride for the creek crossing. We knew there had been a lot of rain lately, so we knew the creek would be deep. That would be quite refreshing with this heat. What we didn't know was that the creek would be so cold. I stood out in the creek to shoot some of the photos, and by the time I got back to shore, I was numb from the knees down (as opposed to my usual numb from the neck up). ;) The cool thing was the fog. The water was in the high 40s and the air was in the mid 80s. That made for fog. You can see that in the photos below.

I also really wanted to take some shots of the wheat fields. We don't normally have many folks planting wheat in Maryland this time of year. It is usually a place where they plant winter wheat to keep the soil good and get a little extra use of the land. The Connector goes right through the middle of a wheat field and it is dang beautiful. It is cool to have some amber waves of grain in Maryland. The corn is getting tall too... I'll get some photos of us riding through that in a few weeks.

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