Black Hills Park and Hoyles Mill Connector Trail: Germantown, Maryland

This trail will soon be near and dear to my heart. The ride starts at Jason's house and connects to some of the most wonderful trails in the area. Black Hills is a somewhat underutilized set of trails in western Montgomer County, north west of Washington, DC. This was the first of many epics that we'll ride on these trails.

Why have we waited so long to ride these trails? They were great, but they didn't really connect to anything. Along came the local mountain bike club, and they remedied that situation. In November of 2004 the Hoyles Mill Connector was built. It is a route that combines some wonderful singletrack with some paved trails and some trails across fields gone fallow and joins Black Hills Park with Schaeffer Farms. Schaeffer is one of the sweetest trails in the area because it was well designed and built. The trails have been well worked in and are a great combination of buff, smooth singletrack with a healthy amount of twists, turns, roots and logs. I'm sure that plenty of photos will be done of these trails over the years.

Black Hills is at the top. Schaeffer is at the bottom. Hoyles Mill Connector is in the middle. Don't be fooled by the legend. For some reason it double counted our route and gave us almost 80 miles of riding. We did just about 34 miles the day this map was made.

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Lots of folks have asked me for directions on how to ride the Hoyles mill Connector. Since I'm not that familiar with Black Hills, and most people that I know want to ride the Connector from Schaeffer Farms to Black Hills, I'll start my description from the Schaeffer Farms Parking lot. Parts of the trail cross grassy fields that have not been ridden in. Most of them have been marked with orange flags. some have not. Try and stick to the flags where they exist. That is how the trail gets established at this early point. James has talked about getting those parts mowed so they are easier to follow. That hasn't happened yet though.

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