Lake Accotink Park: Fairfax, VA

November 13, 2004

Accotink is one of the nicest trails in the area for good, close-in riding. It is 10 minutes from my home and provides plenty of singletrack for a quick jaunt through the woods. After a cold start and a spirited lecture from another rider about how muddy the trails were going to be, we rode the sections I knew were going to be firm. As you can see from the photos, there isn't a spot of mud on us or the bikes. That is one of the truly wonderful things about Accotink. There is enough vertical, rock and roots that it stays very firm, even after an evening of rain. The only problem with it is that it is no longer open for night riding. :(

Bob, Jason and I had a great ride. What started off as a cold, dreary ride, rapidly turned into a run run through the woods. The leaves were beautiful and provided a little extra adventure by adding to the lack of traction. I was on my single speed and that lead to some interesting climbs where I had to be careful not to get out of the saddle. That lead to some slow cranking on the climbs.

Jason coming off a new log hop.

SLOW DOWN -- I love that sign. If you can't tell, it is about a 20' drop about 16 inches to the left of where Jason is riding right now.


Bob cruised right through that turn too.

Jason on one of the rooted climbs.

Wheel-up on a new log

Jason riding it the other way.

If a bike falls in the woods.... Nevermind.

Jason and Bob going down one of the rooted descents. The leaves make this stuff a little tough.

Riding back through the woods


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