Project Phoenix: How to raise a bike from the dead.

Once upon a time I had a mountain bike tandem. A few years back too much stuff was breaking and I just couldn't keep it on the trails. I finally got the frame straightened out and I found a place where I could get cranks pretty cheap. The biggest contribution came from my friend Eric who gave me his old forks. Here's how its coming along.

The Beginning:

Its dusty and dirty and pretty dang broken.

The old McMahon cranks that were seriously broken

The condom covered thudbuster

Rear triangle

Removing the top crown of my old forks

Getting ready to drop of the old forks

Hammering the forks down

Removing the crown race off the old forks

Crown race removal tool

Another look at the crown race removal tool

This is a crown race

Removing the cranks -- unbolting the cranks

This is a crank removal tool

This is the crank bolt I took out

Crank extractor inserted into the cranks

And then the crank is off!

Removing the bottom bracket. Locking ring tool in action.

No locking ring.

Pin spanner removing the bottom bracket cup.

The bottom bracket removed from the bike.

This is the bottom bracket.

No forks and no bottom brackets

Gracie was helping.

Mao was watching a lot.

Rear bottom bracket.

Clean front triangle

Head tube.

The head tube.

Cleaned and ready for forks.

New (to me) forks. Thanks Eric!!!

Forks and front brake installed.

Rear brake installed

Its got wheels!!!!

It is slowly starting to look like a bike.

Complete with rubber. :)

New Cranks have arrived. The kittens have been here for a while. ;)

The Finished Product -- if there is such a thing...


Dang this thing is looking good.

The front end actually feels really good. The brakes need to brake in though. The rims haven't been used with rim brakes before. That makes the first ride or two a little suspensefull. I put some sand paper on the brake pads and spun them for a while. I'll do that again tomorrow before going out.


The front end. I think I'm going to be bottoming out this fork. On the test ride, I rammed a few curbs for fun and it didn't bottom out. I think it might with two of us on it. If I jumped up and down really hard while leaning over the fork while riding, I could just barely get it to touch bottom out.

There really isn't room for that 2.4" tire in back. I need to trim the edges off the lugs tomorrow.

New cranks and drivetrain.

Riding photos are up next. :) We're going out tomorrow in the snow.

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