Project Eyesore

March 20, 2005

In my neverending attempt to scare and offend everyone I come in contact with, I present to you (Drum roll please....) PROJECT EYESORE!

Gracie is afraid of it, as she should be...

The bike is a weird mix of Campy Record, Dura Ace and Suntour Superbe Pro. How did I come up with this mixture? I just opened the parts bin and started building. The nicest road cranks I've ever seen in my entire life are Campy Record. The new ones are beautiful. The old ones are just as pretty, though not quite as light. These are from 1989.

Shitmano does one thing nicely. It shifts. As a result, I've got Dura-Ace 9 speed shifters running with Dura Ace derailleurs, a SRAM chain and an Ultegra hub and rear cluster. It shifts perfectly. The front wheel, bottom bracket and headset are all Campy Record... as is the seatpost.

If there is one thing that Suntour did better than anyone in the entire world, it was road brakes. You still see DiaCompe stuff around these days. They've got a reasonable share of the brake business, I guess. I've never felt a road brake that was lighter, smoother or more reliable than Suntour's Superbe Pro brakes. I've got 1989 Campy delta brakes that could go on here and look amazingly cool. They just don't work as well.

Modolo X bar and stem, a WTB mountain bike saddle (the most comfortable that I've ever ridden, and white Cinelly cork finishes off the project.

I hope you are shocked and offended.

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