My "New" Voodoo Nzumbi Single Speed

February 16, 2005

My new project has arrived. I got a pretty good deal on a great frame. The paint was pretty trashed. Josh had fixed the places where the paint had cracked, but he did it in a way that I didn't like. he did a great job prepping the metal, sanding it and smoothing it out nicely. There wasn't a speck of rust. He then used black fingernail polish to make kind of a gateway cow pattern. That is nothing that a little acitone won't remove. I then did a rattlecan touch-up paint job and it is back to its original whiteness. The original paint is pearl white, the new stuff is just white. It still looks okay. I'll eventually get the thing powdercoated. I need something to ride soon.

Here are the photos of what it looks like now.



And some photos of the completion of the bike.

Fork YOU!

The headless diagonal bike. Talk about a sloping top tube....

The completed bike

The bike being inspected by kittens

Gracie likes disc brakes

Disc brake without kitten

On the trail 02/24/2005

On the bridge at Wakefield

In the middle of Accotink

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