Buzzard Rocks, Waterlick, Virginia

November 29, 2004

Directions to Trail Head -- Trail Directions

The Monday after Thanksgiving is always tough for me. I really didn't want to go back to work. Mother Nature gave me the chance to take a day off and get some great riding in. Luckily Chance was off shift and Jason had the same idea to get some riding in on a gorgious day. It was sunny and in the low 50s. We left the car wearing short sleeve jerseys and shorts (except for Chance who always wears his cammys).

Today's trail report for Buzzard Rocks: Rocky with plenty of leaves. This trail is the most perfectly named trail around. There are plenty of rocks and lots of buzzards.

Jason on the climb up to the ridge.

Chance after a little creek crossing

Jason is a tree hugger

Leaves + Rocks + Roots = Adventure

Resting at the ridge. They had quite a long wait for me to catch up

Signs at the top of the ridge

Another sign pointing the direction we're heading

The trail down the opposite side of the ridge

This is the way we came up.

This is the mellow part of the trail on the ridge

This is a little more typical of the trails on the ridge

Resting at the highest point on the ridge


Yummy... cliff bars...

Jason riding the rocks and loving it

Jason pronounces the letter "O" as he rides by

Chance smiles at the rocks.

He eats them up for lunch

MPC starting down some of the steeper, rockier sections

Moments later on the same downer

Chance balances in the middle of a steep rock garden to enjoy the view

... then continues down the rest of the garden

Jason coming down the same steep section

Jason makes it look easy

Jason said, "I really don't need the arm and leg armor, I just wear it to help Pete's self esteem."

This is a little more like the rocky sections of trail on the ridge

Jason looking badass on another steep section

That last rock made Jason grumpy

But that didn't stop him from cleaning that section

Chance loves rocks! Yes, that is actually the trail.

Did I mention that MPC loves rocks?

Jason doesn't like them quite as much as Chance, but he still likes them

The last of the "Rollers". Not making this turn would definitely make you happy that you stuck the parachute in your camelback.


How to get there from Washington, DC:

Ride Instructions:

Maps are available at REI and The same maps that have the Elizabeth Furnace ride on it will also have this trail.


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