Elizabeth Furnace: Strasburg, VA

December 26, 2004

Its 23 degrees out, the day after Christmas, and we've got a lot of Holiday Cheer to work off. What better way to spend the day than to go for a ride that has 5 major creek crossings and enough rocks to build a castle? Unfortunately, the conditions were inclimate enough that I didn't want to carry my big camera for the ride, but I did have the camera phone with me, so I thought I'd shoot a little. Sorry for the quality lower than is my usual standard.

Elizabeth Furnace is a ride that can be a loop anywhere between 11 and 14 miles depending on how you ride it. We had fun riding in spite of many cold-induced technical problems. Derailleurs, chains and cogs freeze solid after you run them through water at sub freezing temps. It made for some bad shifting.

One of the mostly frozen creeks

The icicle that formed on me.

Jason and Wayne after the ride.

The GPS Map of the route.


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