Greenbriar State Park: Near Frederick, Maryland

December 05, 2004

Greenbriar State park is one of the state parks in Maryland that doesn't get used for mountain biking as much as it could be. The trails are great, especially this time of year. Since they are very rocky, they tend to hold up to rain and bad weather quite well. The rock gardens are challenging, but nothing like Gambrill or the Watershed which are right next door.

You'd never know that today was the first weekend in December. It was in the high 50s and sunny.... definitely short sleeve and shorts weather. The tough part was the leaves. They covered a lot of the rocks. Not as much as at the Watershed or Buzzard Rocks in weeks past, but they did cover up a lot of things that we ran over on the trail.

This was the first club ride that Jason lead. There were 10 of us in all and most stayed together for both loops. The ride came out to about 9.6 miles with a healthy combination of climbing and descending. Everything we rode was climbable. All of the descents were definitely ridable. The rocks and roots made it fun and interesting. Here are some photos of the ride.

The group. Jason loves climbs.










Jason loves his livestrong bracelet. He still tried to rip it off his arm though.














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