Greenbrier State Park: Boonsboro, MD

January 2, 2005

We had a fabulous ride at Greenbrier State Park to start out the new year. After three days of warm, sunny weather, the day was cold and gray. Even considering that there were 14 of us who were in for a steady diet of rocks. The trails were generally in great shape. There is really only one section on the red trail that has some mud on it. Staying in the middle of the trail helps keep that area in good shape.

This day's ride was significant for three reasons. I met a guy, Eric, who had taken his first mountain bike ride ever with me more than 14 years ago. I don't honestly know how I hadn't bumped into him during that amount of time with both of us riding in this area. We had a blast riding together today. In true guy form, he recognized my bike (yup. I'm still riding the same bike). Great to see you again, Eric.

The absolute star of the day was Charlie. Let me tell you, that guy can motor. He'd hang back towards the back of the group and then come blazing his way to the front of the pack on the steepest of climbs. When the rest of us were catching our breath, he was off scouting out the trail and going back and forth over the most technical sections. He dogged me all day. And when it was all over and we were getting ready for the short pedal back to the cars, he cooled down by diving into the lake. Truly an inspirational guy to ride with.

The third reason why today ruled was that there were two others who stomped around Greenbrier on single speeds with me. My hat is off to both of you. It was fun to not be the only SSers on the trails.

Thanks again folks. Special thanks to Chris for sweeping for me all day. The regard in which I hold you is reflected in the fact that I did not sing into the radio once all day long. You rule.

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