Mountain Bike Road Trips

Local Mountain Bike Trails

The DC area is great for mountain biking. There are plenty of good trails to ride, and plenty of great people to ride with. They're very worthy of some space on my web site. MORE is the local mountain bike club. All the trails we ride are only open through the hard work of these people. I'm proud that they let me help out and play on the trails. :) Information about all these parks is available on the MORE Web Site.

Individual Rides: I started recording individual rides on this page. As you might imagine, it got very full very quickly. Soooooo I changed format a little. All of the individual rides are still there. They are just listed under each park heading. I've also included maps of each park where I've made them. At some point I'll have everything mapped out. For right now, I just have a few of them done.

Local Parks

Boonsboro, Maryland
Germantown, Maryland
Upper Marlboro, Maryland
Frederick, Maryland
Fairfax, Virginia
Fairfax, Virginia
Waterlick, Virginia
Waterlick, Virginia
Richmond, Virginia
Great Falls, Virginia
Fairfax, Virginia
Germantown, Maryland
Fredericksberg, Virginia
Hazleton, West Virginia
Catonsville, Maryland
Falls Church, VA
Frederick, MD
Fairfax, Virginia
Hazelton, West Virginia
Washington, DC

Mountain Bike Road Trips

I rearranged the web site a while back and put the nix on some of the things I had posted up on my web site. One of the casualties was a listing of the road trips I've done over the years. What I included instead was a travel guide to Fruita, Colorado and a few trails in Moab. You can find that site here: Mountain Bike Fruita

April, 2005
April, 2006



Mountain Bike Repair Tips

I've added a page that talks about bicycle repair and new components that I've added to my bike. It may be helpful to some who are curious about parts and repairs. It has started simple... with just a few things that I've done to my single speed. It will grow in the future as I document things that I've done to my bike.

Mountain bike Photos


FS and Hardtail

The Jinglespeed in Action


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