Rosaryville State Park: Christmas Ride


Every year the local mountain bike club has a Christmas ride. People decorate their bikes and ride around and there are prizes for the best decorations that survive the ride. Pictures are much better than words.... especially my words. :)

My clean bike. It didn't stay that way long.

Barbara on her award winning bike. The lights even lit up. I was impressed.

Todd and his well decorated bike. He unfortunately opened one of his Christmas gifts early. My guess is that he'll get a lump of coal in his stocking, or worse. ;)

I made Tommy pose for this. He really didn't want to. Don't tell his wife that he stole Santa. She doesn't know. I hope she doesn't read this. ;)

The whole group

Wayne standing next to my imaginary friend who was riding my bike.

This switchback is a great place for photos.






Wayne and Larry

Tommy and Santa

One candle left

Most of the casual group after the ride.

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