Schaeffer Farms with Chance and Jason


Please check out the Photos and text about the Red Trail at Schaeffer

I had the pleasure today of riding with my friend Chance Young. His work schedule and my riding schedule don't often sync up, so I am very happy on the days that we get to ride. You'll understand why Chance is fun to ride with when you see the photos. If you ever want a text book lesson on how to ride big logs and technical terrain, watch Chance ride. Enjoy

First up is a big log hop on the old section of the White loop at Schaeffer


The next set is from the new section of trail that is part of the Yellow loop. Notice the level of concentration on his face.


Riding with Chance, Kathy and Dave across the fields. The 4 of us had a great ride together.


After a few hours on the trail with the group of 4, Chance and I were joined by another friend, Jason, for a quick run through some areas at Schaeffer that don't get ridden that often. First, however, we went and did a few jumps. Notice the way Chance is scoping his landing.

Officially speaking, the next three photos do not exist. This is some bozo we met on the trail. Any resemblance to Jason is purely coincidental.


The Red Trail

The red trail at Schaeffer is a small loop at the far end of the Yellow loop. It is not ridden too often and that is a true shame. Part of the reason why is that there used to be caution signs at the entry of the trail that scared people off. This is a shame. There are some amazing sections of this trail that would be even better if people rode it more. The red trail has a few good climbs and creek crossing. Though it isn't extremely technical, it does have a few sections that will challenge intermediate riders a little. If you get a chance, take a few minutes out of your riding day and ride the red trail. You won't be sorry. It has recently been mowed (10/04/2004) and though its a little lumpy in spots, that goes away with people riding it.

Jason riding the downhill section


Jason going back up.... Chance peeks around th corner to watch.


Jason and Chance riding down to the final creek crossing



Jason climbing out of the first/last creek crossing.


Within site of the parking lot, we met Grant who was out working on his off-road unicycle riding. It was amazing to watch him work. He's been riding a unicycle since he was a kid, and has been riding off-road for about 2 years. These photos do not do him justice -- his riding is quite amazing. I ripped off the last 6 shots left on my memory card of him on these logs.


Many thanks to Grant for letting me photograph his practice session. I hope to hook up with him some time soon and do a full photo shoot. If you see these photos, Grant, drop me an e-mail.

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