Wakefield and Accotink Day and Night Ride

December 2, 2004

Jason and I had a blast riding today. Wakefield was really too wet to ride, so we went to Accotink which holds up much better in bad weather. Unfortunately Accotink isn't open for night riding. As a result, I got up amazingly early in the morning and was in the office hours before sunrise. Jason and I were on the trails by 2:30 pm and got two full laps through the upper trails that don't get muddy. There were a few soft spots. The bike came home with a little mud on it, but it wasn't anything that did any damage to the trail... just a few puddle hops.

The cool part was the little bit of photography we did at Wakefield. I had to creatively come up with a loop that dodged the soft parts, but got us to some good trails on which to photograph. The loop that normally takes us 18 minutes took us almost 90 minutes since we stopped to photograph a lot. Here's the results.

Jason JRA

Jason loves logs.

He's really enjoying himself

He likes logs so much he doesn't even look grumpy

I know... shut the hell up, Pete

Behold one of the rare photos of both Jason and I riding. Do you recognize me?

The ghost of Jason goes mountain biking

Another ghostly picture

Yup. another one... Just working on technique here.

The ghost of Jason hops a log. The technique for this photo is pretty dang cool. Drop me an e-mail if you're curious how I did it.

I liked it so much, I did it again.

The ghost of Jason crossing the creek

JCH was a great sport about doing the creek a second time.

The whoop!

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