Behold the World's Most Photographed Kittens

Gracie the first day she came to live with us.

Gracie's favorite greeting

Mao was too scared to leave the cat carrier. He's a lot more outgoing now.

Gracie explors the TV

Gracie and Mao meet our pet python. This was taken when they were about 8 weeks old

Laying on the stove. They're about 10 weeks old.

They like the warm stove.... they won't like it so much when it is hot this winter.


The lens cap is pretty dang interesting to a kitten. It is dangling there like a little cat toy.

Climbing my tummy to get to the lens cap.

Gracie is very intent on getting it.

Mao lets her grab for it for a moment before he pounces.

This was taken right before the claws dug in for real.


The Kittens have grown!!! September 20th, 2004








New Photos 10/08/2004






October 13, 2004

Gracie Mugging for the camera


Gracie is about to kill Laura's foot.

Tandem yawning looks pretty ferocious, eh?

Bath time

And more bath time.

New photos from January, 2005

Mao with a Banana sticker on his head

The cooking of Gracie. We don't really know how can sit up there when the stove is on, but she likes it hot.

Gracie and Mao posed for this in mid March of 2005. They're about a year old.


New Photos 12/13/2005

Squinty-eyed gracie

Mao likes getting his picture taken.

Gracie would prefer I put the dang camera away

Mao wants to eat the camera.

Gracie and Laura.

Gracie gets her wish. I put the camera away. :D

The world's Fluffiest Kitten.



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